Jennifer Lopezand her husband Ben Affleck, have reappeared on the streets of California walking separately, this after the awkward moment they experienced at the last Grammy Awards.

The couple who got engaged for the second time in April 2022appears not to be going through a good matrimonial moment, since for the second time in less than a week, some videos have gone viral where the couple can be seen arguing in public.

Although the second relationship of the celebrities started in a good way, making the most mediatic love commitment of the 2022 and feigning a lot of love, for a few months now the couple has not been seen stable.

After appearing on social networks several videos where Ben Affleck he is dissatisfied accompanying his wife to the grammy’sthe actor was walking alone through the streets of The Angelswith a very serious face that he tried to hide with aviator-type glasses.

Lopez For her part, she was also walking alone while fulfilling her appointment at the gym. The curious thing is that when she got out and got into her car, she was very thoughtful, and she did not allow her usual smile to be seen by the photographers.

The reason for the new dispute would be the behavior of the husband of the bronx diva at the awards gala, because while Jennifer was quite enthusiastic and was chosen to announce an award, the heartthrob simply showed his displeasure on camera, allowing himself to look a little bored with the situation.

At one point during the ceremony, the cameras capture when JLO tells the actor “Stop, you have to look nicer, you have to be motivated“, while he answers”Could«. Realizing that they were being recorded Jennifer Lopez I try to hide his embarrassed face with a few laughs, but it was too late.