The emblematic actress Jennifer Lopez and her husband, also an actor Ben Affleck They are once again immersed in rumors of a new separation.

The couple who got married last April of the year 2022would again face a crisis similar to the one that occurred approximately 20 yearswhen days after being at the altar they decided to end their relationship.

The rumors of the possible crisis began at the beginning of their marital relationship, when the news that the behaviors of Ben Affleck toward LopezThey threatened to end the relationship.

Now the crisis once again becomes dark due to the videos that have circulated on social networks, when Ben Affleck gave indications of feeling dissatisfied in the relationship. First, the video where the actor apparently publicly scolds his wife for drinking alcohol at a party.

A few days later, the couple who attended the grammy’s was recorded inadvertently, when Jennifer she was asking Ben to keep a little more formal attitude, and not appear bored while he was with her.

From this moment and before the millions of judgments issued against the actor, the couple has been distant in their recent appearances, confirming what would be their second crisis.