The relationship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez it continues to be a topic of conversation by the media and the general public. Since announcing their reconciliation after 17 years, the couple has had its ups and downs, with many speculating whether their love is true or just a publicity stunt.

Recently, rumors of a possible crisis in their relationship have been fueled by the bored appearance of Ben Affleck at the Grammy Awards. However, Jennifer Lopez she has done her best to show that her love for her husband is genuine and lasting.

On Valentine’s Day, the singer posted a moving message on Instagram expressing her love and commitment to her husband. The message was accompanied by photos of the tattoos they had done to each other as a sign of her eternal love.

Although most fans supported the couple and congratulated them on their love, some netizens criticized the couple’s message and tattoos. While some questioned the durability of tattoos as a symbol of love, others ridiculed the couple’s public display of affection.

Despite the criticism, the couple is moving on and it seems that their love is stronger than ever. The tattoos and Valentine’s Day message are just one more sign of your commitment to each other, and your determination to make your relationship work.

Among the comments we can find some such as:

ridiculous. At that age to start with tattoos… her “perfect” figure has already been damaged, and for the record that I have tattoos since I was 18 years old

I hope that this tattoo is one of those that is erased with time, like the time that this relationship will last.