jennifer garner 51 years old, revealed to the magazine ‘Allure‘ that she was “a new mother” and that she was a complete nightmare. The Alias ​​actress, she currently has three children with her ex-husband Ben Affleck: the eldest daughter, Violet Anne, 17, Seraphina Rose, 13, and the youngest Samuel, 10. The actor, father of these children, is married to Jennifer Lopezwho is also the mother of two 15-year-old twins.

Garner recounted that she was a little mother efficient when their first daughter, Violet, was born.”I was a new mother“, he began by saying, he also added that it was not easy at all to see his children grow up under the cameras of the press, he confessed that he lived a whole nightmareand that he did not have the time he would have wanted to have with them when they were even younger.

The actress also added that it was a nightmare for everyone around her, and that it was really difficult to see them grow that way. «We didn’t have the same point of view about ourselves that our children have.Garner said. She also commented on the growth of her children.

«Your children will really discover who and what they are when they are older, and they will most likely lean towards what they are. charming«. However, he made clear the great trust that she has her children, so according to the actress they will be very well whatever the decisions that they take when they are older. «I have a lot of faith in my children. But then again, they’re just kids. I don’t love all the behaviors always, like in everything«.

Jennifer also confessed that, honestly, it’s hard for her to keep boundaries, since they always look at her as a good person. When, according to the same actress, she hates maintaining a false and positive appearance, when she also has moments in which she feels hate and darkness in the soul.