JD Pantoja It is once again a topic of conversation on social networks and all because of some controversial messages that he shared on his account Twitter However, the detail that has attracted attention is that his own fans have begun to accuse him of being the main cause of Kimberly Loaiza receiving hate on a daily basis.

It all started when some netizens began to compare their performance in the world of music with that of Kenya Os. Faced with this situation, the Mazatlan influencer asked that they not involve him and that they better make comparisons with his wife, ensuring that anyone would lose.

This situation unleashed a wave of criticism against him, so he turned to his Twitter account to ensure that he did not care what other people think and that he was not afraid of anyone but what he did not expect is that his own fans will accuse him of provoking hate towards “The Greater Cuteness” due to these controversies.

“Don’t compare the interaction of a woman with that of a man … Try to compare yourself to the KL queen,” wrote Kimberly Loaiza’s husband, who recently became extremely angry that she had her navel pierced.