Jason momoa He is one of the most recognized actors of the moment, thanks to the roles he has played throughout his career, as he is among the superheroes of DC Comics, Aquaman, apart from that he also played Khal Drogoone of the main characters of game of Thrones and recently appeared on the show Jimmy Kimmel and caused a stir when he stripped down to his underwear.

The actor appeared on the show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” to promote his new Netflix movie slumberland, Upon arrival, the actor wears a hero costume, which is purple pajamas and a velvet coat. During the interview, the driver asked him some questions about the project, but he also mentioned a recent video where the actor who became a meme.

Some time ago the star shared a video on her Instagram account where she is fishing with some friends in a boat and covering her parts with a Loincloth, However, a gust of wind caused the clothes to fly off and the actor was totally exposed, prompting Jimmy to ask how he felt.

Momoa explained that he is working on a program titled “chief of war“, which translates as “War Chief” for Manzana, of which he is the creator, director, producer and writer.

The project is inspired by the Hawaii of the 1780s and 1790s, so it uses a traditional bad hawaiian.

Jason Momoa Told him:

This is what I wear every day, I’m preparing for this role and I love being in character so I was tanning my white butt.

They both laughed along with the audience and to finish I add:

Actually, I don’t even care about wearing clothes now, since I wear this every day, all the time.

Immediately afterwards, kimmel asked if I was currently using it, to which Jason Momoa surprised everyone by saying yes and proceeded to take off clothes to show off your traditional Hawaiian attire.