The protagonist of Aquaman, Jason Momoahas been criticized by thousands of fans on social networks for having a relationship with Amber Heardex-partner of Johnny Depp.

After months of rumors of a possible relationship between the protagonists of Aquamanin the midst of the judicial mess that faced Amber Heard, and after the networks believed that they had a bad relationship for not showing much interest on the screens, this would be the opposite.

Yes ok momoa He was always on the side of the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean in the legal process, and showed his support, this would have been a strategy to avoid generating suspicions of the possible relationship.

In the film recordings, the acts of love between the two increased with the passing of time, generating something more than a friendship, knowing that Amber was a support for Jason when he was in the process of separating.

And although nothing was confirmed, suspicions point to that they had a fleeting romance, causing outrage among fans because they did not take it as a correct act to support Johnny, when behind his back he offered more than support to Amber Heard.

Because of these rumors, the directors of Aquaman they would have decided that they will no longer star in the film, however an official confirmation is expected and in that case, the names of the new actors.