american actor Jason Momoa will stop interpreting his leading role in the popular saga of Aquaman, news that has shocked his fans and followers around the world. This revelation also links to his co-star, the controversial actress Amber Heard, who will not continue to play his role as ‘Mere’ in the series

Jason Momoa has announced that he will stop being Aquaman and the American media The Hollywood Reporter reported that the popular American actor may have ended up with the role of Arthur Curry after the premiere of the long-awaited sequel.

However, there are several sources that are claiming that momoa would be a “key figure” in the new plans for the DC Universe for the future. Two very contradictory information with what we currently have in context.

Despite the confusion that exists at the moment, what does seem to be clear is that it would not be in the Aquaman saga, even if it continued to appear in the DCU. This could explain why Wolf has been advanced both by the current president of DC Studios, James Gunn, as by the actor himself.

It seems that each and every sign points to the same place. Possibly a new franchise is coming with the character of Wolf Y Jason Momoa would be in charge of starring in said film.

on the side of Amber Heard, The actress’s departure comes after losing her media trial against her ex-husband, the legendary American actor Johnny Depp, after having slandered him by assuring that she was a victim of domestic violence, when in reality the two of them committed abuse and not only him, as she had initially stated.

And you, do you agree with this new course for Aquaman?

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