It has continued for five years Nkup She Today with attractive and 50% discounts on Monday, May 16. You can find a book with more than 160 discount purchases for suitable purchases in the magazine She Today, which is part of Monday’s issue of MF DNES.

You will find coupons that way May 19 and the fourth edition of MF DNES with DNES + TV Magazine. From May 17 they will be in the application Portmonkawhere you will have them at hand. You can download it for free on the App Store or Google Play.

You can shop with discount shops all week in more than two thousand stone shops and more than 150 e-shops throughout the Czech Republic.

You will choose from a number of well-known and popular brands who took part in the event, including Apart, CCC, Alza, About You, Celio, Manufaktura, Marks & Spencer, Douglas, Sephora, Tchibo, Super ZOO, Modivo.

List of all storein which you can apply for discounts, you can find them on the web .

Tv spring Nkup She Today who will last until Sunday, May 22is an esk moderator Petra Kivkov Freedom.


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