Japan confirms successful landing of SLIM module

The Japanese Smart Lander for Investigating Moon (SLIM) module landed on the moon with an accuracy of 55 meters. Hitoshi Kuninaka, a representative of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, reports this with reference to TASS.

“We have confirmed that the landing was successful. The landing point is approximately 55 meters east of the original landing target,” the official said at a press conference.

The agency notes that in this way Japan confirmed the completion of the task assigned to SLIM – landing on the moon within 100 meters from a given point.

January 19 SLIM committed soft landing on the surface of the Moon. At the same time, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency admitted that the module could have landed on its side, as a result of which it had problems with the power supply.

H-IIA rocket with module started from the Tanegashima Satellite Launch Center in southwestern Kagoshima Prefecture on September 7 last year.

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