From January 1, 2023, the minimum wage and the living wage have been increased in Russia, on which the amount of social benefits depends. They will grow too.


Important changes took place on January 1 in the social sphere. The size of the minimum wage, the subsistence minimum has increased, a unified social benefit has appeared, for children under three years old you can receive additional funds from maternity capital. It does not matter how many minors are in the family.

Unified social benefit

On January 1, Russia introduced a unified social benefit for children, which combined all existing payments to families and pregnant women who registered early. The allowance is assigned if the average per capita income of the family does not exceed the subsistence level in the region of residence. Also, from the new year, you can make a payment from maternity capital for a child up to three years old.

The Social Fund of Russia was created

The Pension Fund and the Social Insurance Fund of Russia have been merged. Now you can apply for benefits in one place, in the “one window” format. The funds saved by the merger will be used to increase social benefits, which will now be delivered as quickly and as targeted as possible.

Minimum wage and living wage

The minimum wage in 2023 is set at 16,242 rubles per month. An increase in the minimum wage by 6.3% will affect the salaries of state employees: about 3.5 million people will receive more. The living wage is set at 14,375 rubles.

Medicines for sick children

Medicines for children under 18 years of age with severe life-threatening or chronic diseases, including rare ones, are supposed to be provided at the expense of funds that will be allocated to the Circle of Kindness Foundation. Annually, it is planned to allocate 21 billion rubles more to support sick children.

Guarantees for apartment buyers

From January 1, property owners can find out which third parties are registered in the apartment without informing them. The new law makes it possible to obtain information faster, protects their rights, including when inheriting a dwelling. In particular, the innovation is aimed at eliminating disputable situations with moving in and out and protecting against fraud in this matter.

Finding children with disabilities in a hospital

During the hospitalization of disabled children, parents will be provided with a free bed and meals in the hospital. The rule came into effect on January 1 and applies to children under 4 years old. Mom or dad of a child who is over years old will be able to stay with him in the hospital for free, if necessary for medical reasons.

School education

From January 1, federal basic educational programs are introduced in all subjects instead of exemplary ones. The network edition “Teacher’s Newspaper” has repeatedly said that such a standard has already begun to be called the golden one: the level of knowledge of children below the prescribed level cannot be given. For humanitarian subjects that shape the worldview and values ​​of the child, the programs will remain unchanged. In other cases, schools have the right to independently develop educational programs. However, their content and results must not be lower than those indicated in the federal ones.

Registration of orphans

Orphans and children left without parental care, who have not yet received from the state the housing required by law, from January 1 will be able to register at the address of the local administration. This is done so that children can receive all social benefits.