If anything is hell, it’s retired diblings! What is shown by the sister of the famous actress and the unsuccessful candidate for the President of the Czech Republic Jana Yngland Hrušková in Prostřen, be a frightening example for all ladies at a mature age. She didn’t do much at the stove and set a poultry feast for the guests, led by a strange arrangement of a rooster, but she rides outside the kitchen like a black hand. It is not difficult for her to enter the bed and cot for the hosts.

She plays children’s theater, sings in nursing homes, has acted in several television shows and has never stepped out of the shadow of her more famous sister, actress Eva Hrušková. She unsuccessfully ran for president and was actively involved in the SPD campaign. Her husband lives in Norway and she lives with her son in the Czech Republic.

He has chickens at home and lives an ordinary country life. She signed up for the show herself because she wanted to experience something new, and she wonders how she will stand up to the others.

Jana Yngland Hrušková and her appetizer in the form of bread with greaves

“If I won, I would invest the money in a hen house. I will prepare karaoke for my guests as entertainment. I chose the dishes because I have already cooked them and I can handle them. The rooster will be domesticated, “ she boasted before the competition Jana Yngland Hruškováwhich for the audience Placed nor did she shine much on her fellow competitors.

“I know her personally, always as a girl she tried to be the center of attention and match her sister, but she never succeeded.” remarked Renata.

Jana Yngland Hrušková did not show much in Prostřen. She also served beef broth to the guests.

“She also appeared on the Prima Show channel on the Like House show and was pretty vulgar there,” the spectator Lada added.

“She screams like a cow. And the samples? Seeing this ghost crawl on my bed and shove the club into the crib, where the other one sometimes sleeps, the woman whips her to the station, the uneducated hen, “ Dana became angry, who wouldn’t mind at all if this lady didn’t show up on TV. Or at least she took off the gas and didn’t form at every turn, no one is really curious about her age.