The wife of the popular American actor has called him “exaggerated” after hitting the comedian Chris Rock for making a joke around Jada’s illness, generating a great repercussion by the media and the public.

On March 28, during the awards ceremony oscars 2022, the actor Will Smith made an appearance with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. This thanks to the fact that the actor was nominated in the category of Best Actor, where he finally ended up taking the prize.

However, before receiving that gigantic honor, a mishap occurred that stunned each and every one of the people who were at the ceremony, since during the presentation of the award for Best Documentary, the person in charge of delivering this statuette was the comedian Chris Rock, who took the opportunity to make one or two jokes to some of those present, including Will Smith’s wife.

Rock made a hallucinatory joke about the illness that Jada is suffering from right now; Alopecia, which has caused a substantial loss of her hair.

This prank unnerved Will, who got up from his seat and walked onto the stage to slap Chris Rock in the face and then tell him not to mention his wife in any way.

This act was the most talked about of the night, generating millions of interactions around the world. But now, Jada has been asked what her opinion is about this event in which she was a victim, but she has not left her husband very well.

Jada Pinkett turned her back on her husband Will Smith claiming and condemning what happened through an interview in American Weekly, where she stated the following:

“I never said that I needed protection, it was in the heat of the action and he was the one who exaggerated, but I did not do it and I would not do it in any way”

These statements have left more than one speechless, since she is clearly condemning her husband’s actions even though he did it to defend her.

Do you agree with Jada Pinkett Smith’s statements?