This morning Henry cavill really saddened his fans by announcing through the stories of his personal Instagram account that he is leaving DC and the character Superman. And it is that after the arrival of James Gunn to the DC cinematographic universe, he is making a clean slate and canceling all the company’s past projects.

This is how he canceled the third Wonder Woman movie, the new Batman project and not to mention a sequel to Black Adam. And it is that in the words of the director himself, “DC will begin with a new story, from the moment where Clark Kent arrives in Metropolis.”

This means that the cinematic universe of DC it will have a reboot with new faces and much younger actors who can sustain themselves through the development of the films for years to come. Pre-production has still started, but it is known that one of the requirements to wear the costume of one of the superheroes is to be around 25 years old.

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This is how the name of Jacob elordi It came out, and it is that according to The Hollywood Reporter, the protagonist of the HBO series ‘EUPHORIA’, has been in talks to become the new man of steel. Of course there are many more actors who want the part, so the competition is really strong.