According to reports from the American newspaper The New York Post Brady he agreed with Fox on a ten-year contract, he should make $ 37.5 million each season. If we convert the total amount into the Czech currency, we will find that it earns at least over nine billion crowns through media activities.

A similar contract is unique. And especially since Brady is still an active player, even though he will celebrate his forty-fifth birthday in the summer. He ended his career in early February, but announced a month and a half later that he would continue in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey for at least another season.

Once he finally puts down his helmet and ball, he will continue to travel across stadiums across the NFL. But he will no longer fight, instead he will describe what is happening on the playing field with his partner Kevin Burkhardt.

“I’m excited, but I still have some unfinished business in Tampa,” Brady typed on Twitter shortly after Fox announced his involvement.

He came across this year’s unsuccessful playoffs. Although the Florida team was one of the paper favorites and was well on its way to defending the overall championship, it was soon stopped by the later Los Angeles Rams champions in the elimination fights.

Tom Brady (left) and Rob Gronkowski after winning the Super Bowl with Tampa Bay ...
Tom Brady of Tampa Bay Buccaneers makes the pass with Alex Okafor of Kansas City ...

The TV station’s bet on Brady is very bold. The most successful quarterback – the man in charge of passing – history has no experience with co-commenting, moreover, he may have an even more demanding program than during an active career. He will be in the team all season, Fox wants to get the most out of his services.

However, the marketing move is great, although it is really expensive. Just judge for yourself. Tony Romo and Troy Aikman are still in the top spot among the highest paid experts in the NFL. They make $ 18 million a year, so Brady gets more than the two former quarterbacks combined.

Television earthquake

It’s no surprise that Fox reached for a big name, even though Brady’s involvement wasn’t expected. The station lost its elite commentator duo a few months ago.

Expert Aikman, along with commentator Joe Buck, dragged the ESPN channel to them. This triggered an avalanche in the journalistic “transfer” market. Amazon again signed commentator veteran Al Michaels of rival NBC.

Everyone can now boast tens of millions of dollars in contracts. If you compare the situation with the Czech environment, you will find that in domestic conditions it is absolutely unthinkable for elite journalists to earn more than top athletes. And it doesn’t matter if he is a basketball player, a football player or a hockey player.

The local product is not so attractive as to force TV stations to invest more and overpay employees of other commercial stations.

But even so, Brady’s contract is an exception. You won’t find a better-paid broadcaster or expert across the United States, and the seven-time Super Bowl winner hasn’t commented a minute.

Star TV reporter Erin Andrews is expected to be a colleague of Tom Brady during Fox Sports broadcasts.


He appeared as a guest on ESPN’s ManningCast last October. This is an alternative version of a live broadcast of an American football game, which is not accompanied by a classic commentary. Instead, the lightweight brothers Peyton and Eli Manning, until recently NFL stars, are commenting on the pitch.

They just invited Brady to a match between the New Orleans Saints and the Seattle Seahawks. Quarterback accepted and television peoplemeters could burst. “Peyton, nice to see you, but you used to have a looser jersey,” Tampa’s leader laughed.

Result? Colossal success. Brady showed that he has no problem joking even live. He looked relaxed, satisfied, calm.

“It’s no surprise that Brady wants to get involved in the broadcast in some way. He can make fun of himself, which is definitely a good precondition for his future career. Fox took a step that no one could repeat after him. He simply signed the most famous football player in the world, “comments reporter Richard Deitsch from The Athletic on the television acquisition.

On the first pages

It is clear that Brady will be under scrutiny, especially from the beginning. This name draws and in fact it is not so important what is happening around the star quarterback.

After all, after his recent end to his career, which was not the end at all, you found texts about him in the most visible positions of almost all overseas portals for several days.

“Brady’s done, what’s next with him?”

“How Brady Changed American Football”

“The NFL will not be the same again, the best of all leaves”

And when he announced in mid-March that he had changed his mind, the situation repeated itself, only the touch of the headlines differed. As if the complete fan community was happy that Brady was back. Perhaps only except for the fans of the teams that come across Tampa most often next season …

The quarterback himself seems to want to enjoy himself above all. During a short “career” period, he went on a relaxing holiday to Costa Rica, then stopped in Manchester to greet the aforementioned Cristiano Ronaldo. He just told him he might have another season.

While Brady still enjoys the sport, Fox is already looking forward to gaining his new commentary mega-star. He already has a contract.