J Hope, rapper and member of BTS, he has a song where he sings with his mom and he’s even called “Mom”, same where mother and son also hide a story.

The song “Mom” by J-Hope from BTS with his mother is a clear reference to the enormous love, affection, union and understanding between the rapper and his mother. This song completely moves everyone ARMY, since it shows the enormous heart that J-Hope has with his loved ones.

The BTS member wanted his fans to feel the same sense of peace and tranquility that he feels when he hears his mother’s voice, so in one verse he mentions:

“On the phone, my mom’s voice was clear”

This way you can hear a female voice in the background. The Idol told, in a fan meeting, that he had recorded a phone call he had with her.

After recording the call, J-Hope added the recording to the melody of the song included in the album. ‘wings’ from bangtan.

The decision to incorporate his mother in “Mama” reaffirms his gratitude for having supported him to fulfill his dream with a sound faithful to the hip hop and rap that characterizes the talented musician.