The member and rapper of bts could sing some songs in Spanish during his presentation at the festival of Lollapalooza.

J Hope is found in Chicago, United States, preparing for his presentation at the Lollapalooza festival on July 31, the last day of the music festival. The idol has been very happy for this opportunity that will undoubtedly open more doors for him in his solo career.

The Korean idol officially debuted as a solo artist and now he will have the opportunity to show his individual facet on the stage of the lollapalooza 2022, so that ARMY she is very excited to see him on stage.

J Hope made a live broadcast, he was tired but grateful to talk with his fans. He also did not want to reveal many details about his performance, because he wants it to be a surprise for the ARMY. However, you have already become massively suspicious of a rumor involving the BTS member’s performance at the festival.

The rumor circulated is that at the Idol presentation, it could be the opportunity for him to meet up with Becky G and sing in spanish “Chicken Noodle Soup”, the collaboration they made a couple of years ago and that they have not been able to present officially since then. The surprise act of the night could be the singer and without a doubt, the Latin ARMY hope so.

His performance is expected to be of quality, as J-hope is one of the best rappers and songwriters in the entire music scene. Kpop.