After revealing that jhope will be the second member of bts In going to fulfill his mandatory military service, certain details have been revealed by the singer, such as his biggest fears, or the reason why he decided to go to the army so soon.

army has always been supporting their favorite singers, so there is no doubt that the second enlistment of the BTS members, as well as that of Jinwill be surrounded by a lot of affection from the followers.

However, it cannot be denied that the news surprised all the fans of the group of kpop most popular of KoreaWell, although they knew that each member should go to the army, they did not understand why J-Hope would have decided to go so quickly to fulfill his duty.

In a live broadcast that I offer to the followers through the page Weversethe artist of 29 years He announced that he did so, since he considers that if everything happens faster, he will be able to surprise ARMY when he returns with several songs.

He also revealed one of the things that will cause him the most pain to go to his service so soon, and allowed millions of followers to see his human side.

The composer revealed that it will hurt him not to be able to support his fellow BTS members in releasing songs on their own, and that he will feel anguish to be there to support them when they need it.

Fans around the world, even when they support the artist’s decision, do not hide the grief and sadness they feel for the lack of members.