According to certain rumors that were speculated among the fans, a special moment was experienced between the members of bts Y BLACKPINKin what many would call a romantic date or encounter, since certain images were revealed that left a lot to say during their meeting.

Although for the fans to see together J Hope Y Rose It would be something shocking, since the beginning of May curious images were revealed on social networks, of a possible romance, which appeared on the Korean application of Pan. This time, J-Hope was discovered sharing several photos on social networks of him, in the exclusive restaurant of the brand. louis Vuitton of Korea of southtogether with the chef, pierre bloodand the two members together.

According to what happened, the members were in the same place as can be seen in the photos together with the chef, and even these artists used the same range of dark colors in their outfits, this means for the fans who were sharing together the same place and day, confirmed by a fan’s post from the Pann app.

Many fans do not say that they would not fit as a couple and others express that it would be a unique union.

Do you think J-Hope and Rosé would make a good couple?