The boy group bts They are still at the top despite their pause as a group, that is why each member is dedicating themselves to their solo projects, this time we will talk about a very special one of jhope and his free concert at the Times Square in NY.

One of the most famous celebrations in the world is the New Year’s Eve party in the wonderful Times Square located in the city of NY, place where thousands of people attend waiting for midnight to celebrate the start of the new year, many artists perform while midnight arrives and on this occasion jhope will be one of those artists to sing.

The Korean artist continues to be successful as a solo artist and his solo performances have become popular, now the icon will be part of the new year show of times squarea very special event that everyone will want to attend.

The members of bts They constantly prove their popularity by participating in various events abroad and will never be left out of any major event for this reason. jhope will be featured in NY during the New Year’s Eve celebration and will perform in Times Square totally free for people who wish to attend.