jhope of bts, has caused a stir by revealing in an interview that his bandmate Jimin is the member who farts the most. During a live interview with a popular entertainment program, J-Hope did not hesitate to expose this news, which has generated various reactions from the fans of the Kpop group.

Although some followers have taken the news with humor and have filled social media with hilarious memes and comments, others have expressed their disapproval and have considered the revelation as something “unnecessary and disrespectful”.

For his part, Jimin He has not commented on it and has preferred to stay away from the controversy. However, the news has generated debate among Internet users about the limits of the privacy of artists and their relationship with fame and public exposure, since they assure that there are things that must be kept secret.

Beyond the controversy, the boy group continues to consolidate itself as one of the most successful bands of the moment, with millions of followers around the world. Despite comments from jhopethe band’s popularity seems to be on the rise and their fans continue to support their music and career.

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