The members of bts have begun to focus more on their careers in lonely in the last times. J Hope was the first of the K-Pop group to participate in this new phase, releasing last Friday, July 15, the album “jack in the box“. And now she told how she feels about the ‘new title’.

Although the other members, including J-Hope himself, have released mixtapes and singles in the past, he is the first to release a full-length album. In an interview with rolling stoneshared how the decision was made.

Instead of thinking about a request of ‘who would release first’ while promoting as BTS, I asked myself, ‘What kind of music can I do as BTS’s J-Hope?’ I always ask myself that question, I always come up with a plan. I think by doing that naturally my ‘Hope World’ mixtape came out. (2018)”, he explained.

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Over time, “I realized that I wanted to show more dance” and J-Hope released the single “Chicken Noodle Soup” in 2019, it did not seem enough to him. “I started to think that J-Hope needed to show more sincerity in the song and that’s what I focused on when I approached ‘Jack in the Box’”.

I think in terms of timing, I ended up being first because I was constantly preparing. I did not think of the project with the desire to be the first in mind”.