2021 was the official year of massive cancellation to J Balvin, And now, it has opened to a new controversy to end 2021 with a flourish among the most repudiated artists in all of Latin America for their actions.

The Colombian singer Goyo, vocalist and leader of ChocQuibTown, group recognized for being a forerunner of black culture and the rhythms of the Pacific, he wrote about it in his account of Twitter: “If you want my opinion: I believe more in the Grammys than in this shit.” While the vocalist Mabiland, described him as a “misplaced and appropriating Latino white man.”

“How far are you willing to go to gain recognition? Nea no more! Enough of this shit. (…) Someone on your team must tell you to stop now, this is insane, it is good that one may want to go around appropriating shit and hope that nothing happens. What rubbish all this ”, wrote the artist to Balvin.

J Balvin is once again in “the eye of the hurricane,” after being chosen as “Afro-Latin artist of the year” at the US African Entertainment Awards (Aeausa, for its acronym in English) and having thanked the important Recognition, some of his colleagues called him “misplaced” and dishonest.

The protest towards the recognition of J Balvin originates after last October, the singer apologized for having made an apology for machismo in the video “Perra”, in which two black dancers appear, tied up as pets. Another side felt that it was extolling racism. Finally, said audiovisual was removed from the channels of TV and censored by Youtube.

It is also worth remembering that the “Niño de Medellín” was involved in another controversy this year, after having tried to boycott the awards Grammy, calling on his reggaeton colleagues not to attend the award ceremony since, as he said, “they don’t value us (urban musicians), but they need us”.

The Puerto Rican René Pérez, known as Residente, came to pass saying that it was a contempt for the new talents who were nominated for the first time and compared Balvin’s music to “a hot dog cart.

“Your music is like a hot dog cart, which many people may like and others may not …”

And the controversy does not seem to have come to an end, since during an interview he gave this week for the Dímelo King YouTube channel, the artist made reference to the “stretch and shrink” he had with the Puerto Rican rapper.

“There are many things that people do not know and I am not going to tell them. Everyone has a clear conscience. To foolish words, deaf ears. Your word against mine, your conscience against mine… ”declared Balvin.