In September 2021, many of us were spectators of the heated exchange and fight between Resident Y J Balvin, after the Colombian summoned the reggaeton players not to attend the awards ceremony Latin Grammy in Las Vegas in boycott mode because he was not nominated in the categories he wanted to be nominated for.

Now, and a few months later, Balvin returns to the subject, acknowledges his mistake and claims to have felt very lonely after his statements.

“The biggest mistake that I had when the Grammys happened was to summon people instead of me to speak directly with the Academy and with the artists… It is one thing to call for power and another thing to use it. I called him. Then it was a ‘we are not going to do what you say, even if we agree’. I understood it and I learned it. Now I am more strategic. I felt very lonely. That’s when I learned, “said the reggaeton on the program Dímelo King, by Elkin de la Hoz.

“Obviously, a lot of people didn’t want to get in for fear that someone would answer them, but I understand because it wasn’t their situation either. The Avengers that were thrown with me were the ones I needed. I realized who I am counting on. Austin, (Archangel), because he made it public and I do want to name that one. There were many artists and producers and people from Colombia who supported me. I understand it because they don’t have to stick their ass for me either, “he said.

“I know what I said. Why didn’t I come out to talk? To foolish words, deaf ears. If I had felt something that I had to give an explanation, I would go out … as I did with the song ‘Perra’ because there was the example … there was the song. There was the video. Your word against mine and I didn’t see that I had to give an explanation, ”he said.

Regarding a possible reconciliation with the Puerto Rican, even a friendship, the Colombian replied: “Yes, of course. Not friends. But if you talk and things are clear, there is no problem. I considered him a friend, my friend, that’s why it hurt ”.

What is your opinion about J Balvin’s statements about Resident?