The Colombian singer J Balvin He confessed that he was wrong when he called for the boycott of the past Latin Grammy, controversy that caused a media dispute with the Puerto Rican René Pérez (Resident)

The statements of the Colombian reggaeton were made in an interview with the creator of digital content Elkin de la Hoz – known as “Tell me King” -, who is also from Colombia. The interview was published today on their digital platforms.

“The biggest mistake I had when the Grammys happened was to call people instead of me to speak directly with the Academy and with the artists and tell them this is happening. It is one thing to call for power and another thing to use it. I called him. Then it was a we are not going to do what you say, even if we agree. I understood it and I learned it. Now I am more strategic “, revealed the interpreter of” My people “.

He also confessed that he experienced loneliness in his claim in which few of his colleagues of the genre supported him publicly, he also admitted that it was understandable since they were not going to “enter a war” of what he said and what “Resident” answered him. .

Obviously, a lot of people didn’t want to get in there for fear that someone would answer them, but I understand because it wasn’t their situation either. The Avengers that were thrown with me were the ones I needed. I realized who I am counting on. Austin, (Archangel), because he made it public and I do want to name that one. There were many artists and producers and people from Colombia who supported me. I understand it because they don’t have to stick their ass for me either, “said the artist who thanked Arcángel and who incidentally clarified that” my thing is not fronting and it has never been because I come from a complicated city. “

What do you think of J Balvin’s repentance in his attempt to boycott the Latin GRAMMY?