The star of the series The Surgery in the Rose Garden, Ivana Jirešová (44), is in love. Although she anxiously hid her new love, made an exception at the Nova TV party and took her partner’s hand in love, the shapely man took the actress away from the party with satisfaction.

The actress Nova could not miss the magnificent party Ivana Jirešováwho plays in their successful project Surgery in the Rose Garden. And strangely, she didn’t come alone, as was the custom in the past.

She also arrived with a new boyfriend, whom she looked up to in love as he led her down the street as a boy. They were constantly discussing something, it was to know that they had something to say and he obviously liked listening to her. They walked hand in hand through the night street, occasionally glancing at their cell phones, and her new suitor took her safely at the party.

She finally looked happy, laughing in all directions, and completely devoted to the feelings of having a support beside her that protected her.

The actress’ partner took Ivan’s hand proudly.

Ivana was constantly discussing something with her partner.

We called the actress who she peeked at, but she wrote us a brief SMS.

“He just picked me up. That would end it, “ Ivana wrote abruptly, she probably wants to pamper her new relationship outside the spotlight. Ivan’s entourage seems to have a civilian profession and was heading for a company car with the name of one company, so it can be assumed that he works for it.

The actress' partner took Ivan's hand proudly.

“I’ve learned from the past that I want to protect my love as best I can.” said Ivana some time ago Express, who has a new man since her last affair with the Man of the Year Jiří Kmoníček, which ended a few years ago.