Idol Star Athletic Championship (ISAC) is finally back this 2022 after a long break of 2 years due to the pandemic, and along with the championship, the fun interactions between idols from different groups are also back. This year, Ryujin from ITZY and Bang Chan from stray kids They have taken the spotlight.

The idols of JYP They have proven to be the funniest chaotic duo in their company after going viral for their hilarious rivalry during filming. It all started when the leader of SKZ he was crouched down distributing water between his limbs when suddenly the savage Ryūjin She decided to pass by pretending to be distracted and push him in the most graceful way possible.

Of course the moment immediately took over social media with STAY Y midzy having fun with Ryujin’s prank on an unsuspecting Bang Chan. The moment was so funny that it has become the most viral clip of recordings on social networks, achieving millions of views.

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But what not everyone has seen is the other side of the coin, and that is that after the idol thought that she committed a perfect crime and that nobody noticed, the cunning Bang Chan planned his revenge totally in silence. The interpreter ofMANIAC” waited for the group photo of JYP groups to carry out his plan.

While Ryujin was distracted throwing the cutest poses for her fans to be charmed by, bang chan he stealthily untied her shoelaces without her noticing, showing that he’s definitely not afraid of revenge.