“It’s not rain, it’s tears of war.” Victory Day celebrated in the Ryazan region

The center of the district celebrations on May 9 this year was the village of Polyany. Unfortunately, the vagaries of the heavenly office did not allow the holiday to be celebrated as planned, and forced them to move part of the events under the roof. However, neither rain nor wind could prevent the procession of the Immortal Regiment. People took to the streets with flowers, flags, balloons and, of course, with portraits of their relatives – participants in the Great Patriotic War. Just like they do every year.

Here is what the marchers have to say:

“These pictures show my mother Praskovya Kopeikina and my aunt Elizaveta. Mom lived in Moscow before the war, worked at a construction site, but went to Smolensk to dig anti-tank trenches, set up anti-aircraft points – in general, to do something without which defense is impossible. She said that the Dnieper during the bombing became literally red with blood. And Aunt Elizabeth was in the thick of it – she served as a nurse on the front line. See how many awards she has? She saved many, and after the Victory she worked in the hospital. Both then had happy families, they raised good children. My mother was still raising her nephews from her sister, who had died of typhus, and her murdered husband. She has worked on a collective farm all her life. Thanks to them, the participants in the war, the heroes, we are alive. And now it’s not rain – it’s tears of war. Tears for all the dead and wounded, for the missing and deprived of childhood, ”said Valentina Krotova.

“This is my grandfather Viktor Sergeevich Butorov. He served near Tula as a private. He was wounded right in the heart, but the doctors did a miracle – and then grandfather lived a long and happy life. They raised five children with their grandmother! After the war, my grandfather worked on a collective farm. That’s how it happened, first I defended the country, and then fed it, ”said Ludmila Batygina, who came to the procession of the “Immortal Regiment” with her son Maxim.

Workshops on making St. George’s ribbons and white doves out of paper, treating soldiers’ porridge and a festive concert had to be moved to the walls of the Polyanskaya Children’s Art School due to bad weather.