It went to Kamp. As soon as it happened nicely, the people climbed out of the house and had fun in the popular park, including the famous TV. The famous hockey player Jakub Vorek (32) took his family to children’s attractions, while economist Tom Sedlek (45), who also lived there, rode there on his unicycle.

Nice days are here and the weather is just encouraging to persevere and outside in the park. Therefore, I am not surprised that the popularity of greenery in the center of Prague has also shown the famous people.

You hockey player Jakub Vorek he and his family went on vacation to their home towns, where he wants to have fun and with only his close ones and sports for a while on the other track. He will not even take part in the World Hockey Championship, which starts in Finland.

Jakub v v

He and his partner Markta took their little son Matja to Kampa, where the hockey was in the seventh heaven, he flew for a while, took in the surrounding attractions, and his father had something to do to keep him.

Even though he used to be in the stitch of the ice and go into battle when the puck is within reach, it’s a bit t s. It is unmistakable, unpredictable and constantly on the move, how many times they have to catch up with the world.

Hockey player with young son and partner Markta at Kamp

In America, Vorek can ride his old son Jakub and Markta have a newly born barber who was not in the park with them.

Economist on a unicycle

While Jakub and his partner and offspring chose the sun’s rays, economist Tom Sedlek moved a short distance away on an electric unicycle.

Economist Tom Sedlek obr Kampa on his favorite means of transport.

It is well known that he replaced the car with this modern age and does not have to be constantly congested on the roads. It is mainly a short distance from Kampa, where he lived.

He would just overgrow a boy with a rusty beard and a cap, and someone else was looking for a former adviser, Václav Havel.