A week before the publication of the long-awaited memoirs of the Prince Harry, The royal family prepares for another attack by the youngest son of the King Carlos III. According to Sunday Timesafter this new attack of the duke of sussexthe one that will be worse, is the one that is addressed to his brother, the Prince William.

«I think the book will be a stronger attack than the royal family expects.”reported yesterday Sunday Timesciting a source familiar with the revelations of the prince harry in the book. «Everything comes out. King Carlos III turns out better than he expected, but he was hard on William«, the anonymous source continued, adding that Kate Middleton he also had a few seizures.

In the latest documentary duke and the Duchess of Sussex on Netflix, it is already surprising that the prince william he received most of the criticism from his brother and sister-in-law. Harry, who was very close to his brother before he met his current wife, accused William of breaking the deal not to play the dirty game of the tabloids, something that was victimized by his mother, the Princess Dianaallowing information to leak from his office to the media and for a member of his team to testify against Meghan Markle in his trial against Daily Mail.

Harry He also revealed in the documentary the strong discussions he had with his brother during the call sandringham Summit, when the terms of his departure from the royal family were decided, and now he appears to be willing to elaborate further in his book, Spare.

The source of times Said:

There are very detailed details and descriptions of the fights between the brothers. Personally, I don’t know how Harry and William will reconcile after that..

We will have to wait until January 10 to find out how far the prince harry criticizing his family this time, and what does this attack on Kate Middleton mean, so far the only time his brother-in-law mentioned the Wale’s princess It was during his interview with Oprah Winfrey, where toomeghanmarkle revealed that he had a fight over the wedding preparations, although he forgave her for being a good person.