Sepsis was imminent! Native icon Mart Kubiov (79) lost his life. Only minutes decided whether he would be on the t or not. The intervention was quick and easy, immediately after the complications, she ended up in surgery, which saved her life.

Suddenly Marta Kubiov ground mill. If she had been saved and shocked a couple of minutes later, the legendary artist would not be here with them. Natst village operation saw in five minutes twelve. At the Na Homolce Hospital on Friday night, she underwent a procedure due to the perforation of a vein. It was a matter of minutes.

If it is found that it is a perforation of the tendons, the patient must be immediately referred to sl. If this does not happen, we will get a stercoral peritonitis, the feces will get into the bin cavity and sepsis will actually occur. he said to the Blesk expert.

Ntst’s life is out of danger and his condition is stabilized. She even had to make a condition that only Kateina’s daughter would marry him.

Marta Kubi

Marta herself, as if showing some sadness, did not want to go anywhere on vacation abroad, because she was worried about her health. And it took time. Natst got you in time.