The Spanish Royal Family is in the eye of the hurricane due to the rivalry that has started between the princess eleanor and his sister, the infant sofia. Princess Eleanor, who is the heir to the throne, is concerned about the growing popularity of her younger sister, who recently passed with flying colors to enter the same school as the princess.

This rivalry has been a cause for concern for the King Felipe VI and the queen letizia, who are working hard to maintain unity between their daughters. However, some indications show that the kings of Spain have a favorite of hers and this would be Leonor, this due to the position in which they position her for the photos.

The Spanish press has shown that the daughters of Letizia and Felipe VI They are very close, but the images captured by the paparazzi suggest otherwise. King Felipe VI fears that this rivalry will worsen and become a situation similar to the one that exists between the prince william and the prince harry of the British Royal Family.

The kings of Spain are doing everything possible so that the Infanta Sofía does not overshadow the popularity of the princess eleanor without harming either of them. Both daughters are equally loved by their parents, although Princess Eleanor is the future queen.

The Spanish Royal Family must act with prudence and caution to prevent this rivalry from worsening and affecting the stability of the Spanish crown.

Do you think that Sofia can take away Leonor’s popularity and that this seriously affects the future of the Spanish crown?