Yesterday, May 13 as part of a working trip to TaganrogGovernor of the Rostov region Vasily Golubev visited the city emergency hospital, where the stages of creating a new modern medical complex were discussed.

Now the BSMP of Taganrog concentrates all surgical and trauma care, which is provided not only to residents of the city, but also to several nearby rural areas. The eight-story medical building built in the middle of the last century no longer meets modern requirements for providing quality medical care. Vasily Golubev was convinced of this by visiting several departments of the hospital, the press service of the governor reports.

It is planned that a new medical complex with a hospital for 811 beds, an emergency department for 66 beds and an infectious disease department for 80 beds will appear on the territory of the BSMP.

The Governor instructed to speed up the development of design estimates by breaking down the creation and design of a new complex into stages.

  • We have planned the construction of a new medical building, the reconstruction of a number of existing buildings. This is an important topic that worries the residents of Taganrog. Of fundamental importance is the preparatory stage – the period that needs to be completed as quickly as possible. The construction of such a large facility is important not only for the city, but also for a number of neighboring districts of the region. Therefore, it is necessary to speed up the implementation of this task, to quickly find answers to existing questions,” Vasily Golubev noted.

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