Pavel Malkov: “It is necessary to clearly control the timing and quality of construction work”

On May 13, Acting Governor of the Ryazan Region Pavel Malkov held a meeting of the Headquarters for Civil Engineering.

We discussed the current situation in the construction sector, including the implementation of national projects, as well as the construction of roads. Deputy Chairman of the Regional Government Yevgeny Belenetsky, heads of regional ministries and departments, heads of administrations of municipalities took part in the work of the Headquarters.

Pavel Malkov stressed the importance of a substantive discussion of specific problems. He also said that in the future he would hold such meetings regularly.

One of the topics was the construction of an oncology dispensary in Ryazan. An object worth more than six billion is 500 hospital beds and a polyclinic with a capacity of 150 visits per day. It must be submitted this year.

They also discussed the construction of a FGC with swimming pools in Miloslavsky, Skopinsky and Saraevsky districts worth 300 million rubles each. As well as an indoor football arena in Ryazan. In addition, the Acting Governor reported on the progress of ongoing work. This year, 12 FAPs and one outpatient clinic are to be built.

Noting that active construction is underway in the region, the acting governor urged to clearly control the timing and quality of work.

“It is clear that the construction market has changed in the current realities, but we need to respond more quickly to the challenges of the time,” Pavel Malkov emphasized. – We cannot allow the pace of development of territories, the social infrastructure that we create for a comfortable life for people, to slow down. Moreover, we cannot allow any important projects to be curtailed or postponed to a later date.”

Another task that the Acting Governor set for the profile structures concerned the issues of control over the spending of financial resources.

“The use of the allocations allocated for these purposes, both from the federal and regional budgets, should be as efficient and transparent as possible,” Pavel Malkov stressed.