You have a flashy name that could easily belong to a prince or a prince. In fact, it is a bag of nothing.
My whole name is Elizaveta Maximovna Shvachko, but it is a long and especially name that people often tell me. Perhaps no one read it at first and did not write it correctly. During the Ministry of Justice, Peter Bebjak warned that I should think about it. I went with the parents and then with the teachers at DAMU. I remember sitting in the choir room and trying to see what the best option was. To this day, the pepper is hidden.

You were born in Kazan, where you spent your childhood. How do you remember that?
In the current situation, it is not easy for me to talk about the hometown. But memories mm very iv and hejiv. Births and grandparents paid a lot of attention to me. From an early age, I went to theatrical rehearsals for my uncle, who is an artist at the Kazakh National Theater, where a number of artists from families, actors and rehearsals worked and still work, and I watched them at work. Introduced to play in tatartin, which is played by the games of contemporary world authors. In my opinion, this language definitely means, for example, turetin, not routines.

I was also in dt, my grandparents kept making jokes and getting ready to perform.

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