The well-known humorist has not communicated with his father, who lives in Donetsk, for almost 10 years.

All this time, the artist never came to his relatives. Vladimir Revva told reporters about the strange behavior of his son, bitterly admitting that he had last seen him in 2013.

“Leps performed with us, many other artists, but my son never appeared in his native Donetsk. Why? Everything is simple. My son told me: “If I go to my homeland, they won’t let me into Ukraine,” he conveyed the words of the heir Revva-older.

Vladimir believes that his son was afraid of losing his earnings from the Ukrainian tour, so he simply deleted the Donbass together with his family from his life.

A few days ago, the media reported that Alexander Reva left Russia and left with his family for Spain. According to some sources, the artist bought a villa there. A little later, Reva’s wife denied this information.