The famous actor Fedor Dobronravov fell in love with many viewers in the role of Ivan Budko from the series “Matchmakers”. For seven seasons, the artist played this colorful character.

However, recently it became known that Dobronravov unexpectedly found a replacement. It turned out that in some scenes the eminent actor was decided not to be involved in the shooting, but instead they hired an understudy.

It turned out to be a certain Sergey Smantser, who is incredibly similar to Fedor Dobronravov. At the same time, the man had not previously been involved in acting, as he is a furniture maker.

However, the understudy is used mainly in short and non-key scenes. So, Sergei had to go to the club, look at the poster, and then go inside the premises. At the same time, the shooting was from the back, so the face of the “double” of Fyodor Dobronravov was not visible in the frame.

photo: frame from the series