Ukrainian defenders continue to destroy Russian invaders

The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the occupiers hard / Photo: collage: "Today"

The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the occupiers hard / Photo: collage: “Today”

During attacks The Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Snake Islands in the Black Sea, hit the Pantsir C1 air defense system, a radar station and enemy vehicles.

About it informs Operational Command South.


In addition to the losses of the occupiers on Zmeinoye, 49 Russians, 2 Msta-S self-propelled howitzers, one tractor, one electronic warfare station, an ammunition depot, as well as five units of armored and automotive vehicles were destroyed in the south.

Over the past day, Ukrainian defenders completed 150 fire missions. From aviation, five blows were delivered to the enemy.

Strike on the Serpentine

Operational command “South” confirmed that attacks were carried out on the positions of Russian invaders on Zmeiny Island in the Black Sea. About it informed speaker OK “South” Vladislav Nazarov.

“A concentrated attack was dealt on Snake Island using various forces and methods of destruction, during which what the Reichists proudly called the island garrison has significant losses. The military operation continues and needs information silence until it is completed,” the operational command spokesman was laconic “South”.

He also recalled that the composition of the ship grouping of enemy troops had not changed overnight. So the threats and challenges for Ukrainian cities remain.

Former site “Today” informedthat the Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting their way to the aid of Kherson. Also we wrotethat the Ukrainian defenders powerfully hit the occupiers in the east.