It became known about the financial difficulties of Alla Pugacheva

It became known about the financial difficulties of the Russian singer Alla Pugacheva. About it reports StarHit.

Music producer Leonid Dzyunik suggested that the artist visited Russiato discuss the details of her new performance, which she decided to do due to her financial situation: “Most likely, Alla Borisovna came to discuss some issue related to the contract, participation in some kind of corporate event.” As the publication notes, the last time the performer appeared on stage was in 2010, after which she gave concerts only at private events.

The media manager also noted that close stars could also face financial problems. In his opinion, Pugacheva’s grandson Nikita Presnyakovwho now lives in the artist’s apartment in USAis already experiencing difficulties with money.

The singer’s former bass player Alexander Levshin expressed confidence that the singer is concerned about the financial issue: “Alla, of course, cares about her family’s capital as a reliable factor.” He added that the performer owns real estate all over the world, but it is difficult to sell it off due to its high cost.

Previously became known Pugacheva’s condition for returning to the Russian stage.

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