It became known about the examinations in the case of the Il-76 crash near Belgorod

Several complex examinations will be carried out by specialists in the case of the crash of the Il-76 plane under Belgorod. This was reported to the operational services, it became known TASS.

“A whole range of examinations has been appointed – aviation-technical, traceological, forensic and explosives. In addition, the wreckage of the aircraft fuselage will be laid out on the ground,” the agency’s source said.

The layout will help determine which specific place on the fuselage was affected by the external factor. For this purpose, ten large fragments of the side found by specialists will be used. Investigators have already seized fuel samples at the airfield and all pre-flight documentation. They intend to exclude all versions of what happened and document evidence of external influence on the aircraft.

IL-76 suffered crash on January 24. On board were six crew members and 65 captured soldiers of the Armed Forces Ukraine and three accompanying persons. None of them survived. The plane, according to the Ministry of Defense, was carrying Ukrainian prisoners for exchange, but crashed after being hit by an anti-aircraft missile system that fired at an Il-76 from the Kharkov region.

The morning after the disaster at the Il-76 crash site found black boxes. Experts discovered a flight data recorder and a voice recorder – both of them were located in the rear of the plane. Their will deliver on a special flight to Moscow. In addition, at the scene of the plane crash discovered rocket fragments.

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