It became known about Soviet plans for the development of Buran-T

The Soviet Union planned to develop a reusable transport and cargo ship Buran-T. About this from declassified State Corporation “Roscosmos” materials became known TASS.

The start of development work on the Buran-T transport rocket and space complex (TRSC) was planned for 1982, and the start of flight tests for 1987. Regular operation of the complex was planned to begin in 1990.

The TRKK was supposed to be a container with an upper stage mounted on the side of the Energia super-heavy rocket. As planned, the promising complex could be launched up to 15 times, the cost of one launch would be 36 million rubles. Buran-T would launch up to 82 tons into a reference orbit at an altitude of 200 kilometers, and up to 18 tons into a geostationary orbit.

Also, the developers of the manned spacecraft Buran created the reusable transport space system MTKS-O – an orbital manned aircraft launched from the RLA-120 rocket, capable of launching up to five tons into the reference orbit.

In April, the general director of the state corporation Roscosmos Yuri Borisov at the educational marathon “Knowledge. First” statedWhat Russia needs projects to create reusable returnable spacecraft like the Soviet Buran.

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