It became known about problems with air defense systems in the United States

USA faced the problem of providing missile defense (air defense) systems to regions of the world. About it became known from a publication by The Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

It is noted that the US military lacks systems to intercept aircraft, missiles and drones to “counter the multiple challenges to US national security” created by strategic competition with Chinaconflict on Ukraine and fighting in the Middle East.

Republican House Representative Doug Lamborn said the U.S. failure to provide air defense in several regions is troubling. He called for increased funding to produce more surface-to-air missile systems (SAM) Patriot.

The newspaper noted that the movement of military personnel and Patriot air defense systems to the Middle East due to the conflict Israel And Hamas threatens to make the rest of the world more vulnerable to cruise missiles, ballistic missiles and other threats, especially in the Pacific.

Previously chapter Pentagon Lloyd Austin statedthat the United States will deploy a missile defense (BMD) battery in the Middle East THAAD and additional Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM). Ministry of Defense together with the President Joe Biden decided to strengthen the position of the United States in the region and strengthen the protection of American forces, the department chief specified. He said he had ordered preparations for the deployment of additional troops to enable rapid response if necessary.

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