Israeli Ambassador criticizes the idea of ​​UN forces entering Gaza

Ambassador Israel V USA Michael Herzog criticized the idea Germany about the entry of forces UN V Gaza at the end of the conflict due to lack of “good experience”. About this diplomat stated Politico newspaper.

“I’m not sure that the Model UN is the best model because we don’t have good experience with UN forces,” Herzog said, noting that Israel needs an effective force in the sector that can fight terrorists and their infrastructure.

Previously Germany spoke for the transfer of control over the Gaza Strip to the UN at the end of the conflict between Israel and Hamas. It is noted that the proposed settlement involves “the internationalization of Gaza under the auspices of the UN with a carefully organized transition to Palestinian self-government, ideally through elections and in combination with international agreements that provide the necessary security.”

In addition, the proposed version assigns a special role in the formation of post-war Gaza European Union

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