Israel refused to cooperate with the ICC on the situation in Palestine

Official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Israel Lior Ben-Dor spoke about the Jewish state’s refusal to cooperate with the International Criminal Court (ICC) in investigating the situation in Palestinereports RIA News.

According to the diplomat, in this way the country’s authorities protect the rights of their citizens and also fight terrorism. He clarified that Israel does not have confidence in the ICC investigative commissions, since it is known in advance what conclusions they will come to.

“We have experience after the war in the Gaza Strip in 2009, when the Council UN On human rights, the Goldstone Commission was formed to establish the facts (of Israeli war crimes), and we did not recognize his report,” concluded the representative of the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Previously President USA Joe Biden statedthat the parties to the conflict in the Middle East are close to an agreement, the goal of which is the release of hostages held by Palestinian radicals Hamas movement in the Gaza Strip.

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