Israel opens fire on al-Shifa hospital with thousands of people inside

Almost 9 thousand people, including patients and wounded, are in the territory of the Al-Shifa medical complex in the Gaza Strip, attacked Israel Defense Forces (IDF). This was reported by the press service of the enclave authorities, reports TASS.

“Army of Occupiers” [Израиль] attacks the Al-Shifa medical complex and opens fire on its territory, although they are well aware that there are almost 9 thousand people inside the complex. These are doctors, wounded people, hospital patients and internally displaced persons,” the statement said.

The press service also stated that the events at the Al-Shifa hospital constituted a war crime and blamed the events on USA and the world community.

Previously, the Israeli military opened fire on Al-Shifa hospital workers. It is clarified that during the assault on the medical complex, the IDF demanded that workers leave the building along a supposedly safe corridor, but soon the shelling began.

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