After being released from the Santa Martha Acatitla prison, the influencer Yoseline Hoffman, better known as YosStop, He resumed his activity on social networks and has shared how his readjustment has been now that he is at home again.

A few days ago, he mentioned in his Instagram stories that he went for some physical studies to find out how his health is, since during his stay in prison, he reported that he had certain problems, including loss of vision. It was so this Friday, the youtuber showed from her social networks what the results of these studies were and revealed what comes next for her.

“I tell them that the blood tests I did, everything went quite well. I mean, I don’t have any malnutrition, I don’t have anemia, I have a little cholesterol, I don’t know why, high cholesterol, but nothing else, “he said in an Instagram story.

“I need to check my eyesight, but I suppose that the dizziness I have is like a side effect of the confinement and now I am adapting to new spaces. That’s what I suppose, I don’t know, I’ve been like this for two weeks. But hey, nothing that worries me, or that scares me, “he told his followers.

In this sense, YosStop has used his account to confess part of his experience during the months he was in prison and, in recent days, he spoke about the losses he suffered.

“I lost my freedom, I lost my job, I lost control of my life, I lost dignity, I lost my value as a human, I lost a part of my sight, I lost” friends “, I lost physical and mental health, I lost money, I lost the signs of love physical, I lost my home, I lost my peace, I lost all my rights, I lost time with my loved ones, I lost that and much more ”, he began.

What is your opinion about the health of YosStop?