The oldest member of bts could be starting in the popular South Korean dramas, which has made everyone excited ARMY.

Via Cosmopolitan Magazine South Korea, the actor Kim Namgil, known for participating in movies like Pandora, revealed in an interview that he had the opportunity to meet Jin, a member of bts and who has been working on projects together with other South Korean idols like Cha Eun Woo.

This information excited the fans of the Idol and bangtan, since they would be very excited to see the ‘Worldwide Handsome’ being the protagonist of a drama, extremely popular beings in South Korea and that year after year they get more popular all over the world.

The dawn of this Thursday, it was positioned in trend in the social network Twitter the hashtag “jin actor”, before the possibility that the singer makes his long-awaited debut in the dramas.

However, the excitement was short-lived. ARMY, since it was a translation error on the part of the media, since it referred to Jin as a well-known celebrity, but there is no future Idol project where he will participate in dramas.

Jin originally entered BigHit with the dream of becoming an actor; however, he was chosen as one of the members of the group. Since then, ARMY hopes that he can appear in a television project or a film project, so that he can demonstrate all his acting skills, which without a doubt, he wishes he could demonstrate.