Court between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp top. Heard was married to the actor between 2015 and 2016, in 2018 the actor accused Depp of domcho nsil. He blamed her for damaging her reputation and paying for the film for at least $ 50 million, and Heard doubled him. Some of the fans who watch the court watch out for the choice of outfits. You look like a dark man, Depp takes them to court.

On the first day of the trial, April 11, Depp appeared in a courtroom in the black tie of the Gucci emblems with a silver rogue, and just two days later, Amber, who was executed in gold, arrived before the court. In addition to the tie with a large reindeer, the Depp jet ed jacket, in which Heard immediately appeared on April 12. It seems that even Depp is not completely guilty in the dill outfit. On April 20, he appeared in court in ern koili and edm saku, this time following the example of Amber Heard.

Nhoda? Just like that. Heard copied Depp’s tie just two days apart.

Heard April 12, Depp April 20. He brought the suit to court but on April 11.

Tinctho April, we see Heard with hairstyles in a ponytail and in a black outfit with white koils padding in his shoulders. Depp shows up in the black jacket, blizzard and ponytail for five days. On the eighth of April, Amber takes on the all-out outfit, and Depp arrives at the ern only three days later, on April 21st.

Heard in court on April 13 in bl koili, black jacket and closed hair, Depp in the same on April 18.

Depp April 14, Heard April 18

Heard April 18, Depp April 21

It is also interesting that Heard can imitate the outfits of the first Johnny Depp, which he claims he took. In the past, he stumbled on his style.

Why would Dior want to do business with you? Vdy Dior is based on elegance and style, and the fuck you according to the testimony of Depp’s sister, she threw him into the area. According to her, Heard has been clinging to the actor for a long time and tried to lose his confidence.

Amber’s knowledge is known in court, but it is a strategy. Depp sz to self-confidence.

According to experts, herekanavlk men’s suits due to a sense of dominance and control. Only in them first on the subliminal equals in many places as a way exactly as Depp, as a predator. After all, according to records, it was confirmed that exmanela had been hit in the past.

In addition, Heard shows up before the court without make-up, he now has a strong eyebrow and his hair tightly tucked into a ponytail. He often wears watches and glasses that bring them to life.

According to Lory Hillov, plastic surgery, Amber should have had your face lately. In the same way, she should have her chin relocated and the operations combined with liposuction and botox, so her chin and lips now come out more forward and make her look stronger, external and torn.

Amber obviously had a sculpture done to help her achieve other features in the area.

According to experts, Amber Heard had implants inserted into her TV.

Another of the fans also noticed the outfit and es, which refer to the Hollywood wonder LaurenBacall. Sm Johnny gave Amber a nickname for one of the characters Bacall played.

The actor said that Heard called for one of the film characters, which first portrayed Bacall. qual j Slim, she him Steve again. They also referred to their large age difference.

Amber also has a style for the actress Lauren Bacall, whom Johnny once saw.

Amber Heard has been arrested in the past for physically assaulting her ex-wife Tasia van Ree. According to him and Ambein, the policewoman should have been homophobic. Hereka received a condition in two years and the name of the policewoman was clear that she was supposed to be a gay man and a fighter for the first LGBTQ + community.

Amber also regularly attacked Johnny in the relationship, as evidenced by the recording, on which Heardherci explains that she did not give him a hand, she just shook him and that he should not behave like a baby, but as an adult.

Celoern outfits nose with pleasure. Heard April 14, Depp April 19.

Hereka is considered to be violently manipulative and, according to Depp’s first elements, suffers from a history and borderline personality disorder and, most likely, narcissism.