Irina Bezrukova announced the purchase of a country house

Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, ex-wife of actor Sergei Bezrukov Irina Bezrukova told in an interview “Gazeta.Ru”that she recently purchased a country house in Moscow region.

Bezrukova noted that she bought a ready-made house: all the necessary interior finishing was done in production, so there is no need to carry out repairs there. At the same time, the star clarified that she did not move there, since the facility is located far from the Moscow Ring Road, and all her work is located in Moscow.

“It turns out that I have a dacha in the Moscow region,” said the actress. Bezrukova added that she likes to come there alone to take a break from constant communication with people, but sometimes her friends visit the country house.

Formerly a doctor Alexander Myasnikov toldwho lives in a house 100 kilometers from Moscow.

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