Investigators have appointed 12 examinations in the case of Hero of Russia Irek Magasumov regarding an accidental shot. What is known about the situation?

Investigators have appointed 12 examinations in the case of Hero of Russia Lieutenant Colonel Irek Magasumov about an accidental shot; the officer is suspected of killing a girl. About it reported his lawyer is Alexey Sandalov.

12 examinations were appointed in the case, including medical-forensic, ballistic, psychological and psychiatric

Alexey Sandalov

He noted that the investigation had already ordered three examinations. It is planned to examine the clothes of Magasumov and his colleague for traces of gunpowder, and the sanity of the accused and witnesses will also be checked.

Currently, the Hero of Russia is in a pre-trial detention center. The case is being investigated by the Main Military investigative department of the Investigative Committee Russia.

Deputy Khinshtein promised to check Magasumov’s case

Deputy State Duma Alexander Khinshtein September 29 reportedthat the case of the deputy commander of the 74th Separate Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade, Irek Magasumov, has been requested for verification by the GVSU of the ICR.

According to him, there are a lot of questions in the case that cast doubt on the officer’s involvement in the random murder, despite the fact that there is a confession in it.

At the same time, the case includes the confession of another officer, who admits that it was he who accidentally fired his pistol, fatally wounding the girl. The weapon itself was a crime – the next day they found him during a search. A number of colleagues say that he confessed to them what he had done and even shaved off his beard so that he would not be identified

Alexander Khinshtein

Khinshtein promised to keep the progress of the investigation under special control. He also said that Magasumov himself asks to be returned to the zone of the special military operation.

Magasumov was arrested after the death of a girl in Lugansk

The Hero of Russia, holder of three Orders of Courage, has been in a pre-trial detention center since August. According to the investigation, on August 11, Magasumov and the senior lieutenant met two girls in a Luhansk bar. They asked to shoot with a pistol, and in the end one of the bullets hit one of them.

The defendant’s defense claims that Magasumov went to help a colleague and was not present at the fatal moment. The accidental shot was fired by a senior lieutenant, who confessed to it, but investigators detained the lieutenant colonel.

October 13 court in Lugansk left without changing the measure of restraint for the officer. Lawyers filed a complaint against the detention of their client in a pre-trial detention center, which will be considered by the Southern District Military Court.

November 10 military court left officer in custody. Thus, the defense’s appeal seeking his release was rejected.

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